Manchester based fashion community, The Fashion Network took the time to come and speak to us over at our Sample Sale last week. See what they had to say below:

“Last week we met with Manchester based brand Cortica to talk all things A/W as they met with Native Youth at Cottonopolis for a Sample Sale.

Founded in 2013, Cortica was born out of the need to create thoughtfully designed, clean and innovative footwear. They felt that progressive vision for Cortica would resonate with a customer who embraced both the future and the past. The brand was developed in England with a rich British design heritage at its heart, combined with inspiration gathered from Global design aesthetics. The brands promise is to create beautiful, aspirational products that break conventions. The result is a meticulously crafted product that stands out as completely unique.

The Autumn Winter concept is influenced by the ever changing needs of the Cortica customer, with this seasons focus being on durable updates for the Winter season. The result is a tech inspired collection, featuring the notorious contemporary and minimal design details that has supported our success to date. They strive to create something unique and this season is no different, with the notion of drop 2 being always moving forward and moving up.”

Check out the feature here